Cyber Liability Insurance Available to Social Workers – Guaranteed Acceptance!

Avoiding Malpractice Tips

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What if Your Client’s Data is Copied or Stolen?

Cyber Liability Insurance is a must if you keep your client data on your computer, your cell phone, or your office files. Even if you use a warehouse, a mover or data storage provider, you can be held responsible for data breaches caused by them.

A data breach or security incident occurs when confidential client data is taken, copied, transmitted, viewed or stolen by any unauthorized individual.

You could be sued for a data breach, and be subject to state and federal fines and penalties of up to $250,000. And, your clients can also use you for damages of $25,000 – plus, you even risk jail time of 10 years!

Protect yourself against the costs and other consequences of a client data breach or data theft with Cyber Liability Insurance.

The Preferra Cyber Liability Policy Covers:

  • Legal Defense Cost
  • State and Federal Fines and Penalties
  • Damages
  • Computer Security Breach Expert Audit
  • Client/Patient Notification Costs
  • ID Theft Protection Subscriptions for Victims/Clients

This policy is available to all social workers and behavioral healthprofessionals. Affordable rates begin at $59 per year and the best part guaranteed acceptance and the opportunity to tailor your coverage to best meet your needs.

Plus, policyholders can add an Optional First Party Breach Endorsement – additional coverage for client data breaches caused directly by you or your office staff. The additional premium for this optional coverage starts at $20 per year. It covers your office workers of these classes: secretary, receptionist, and administrative clerical worker.

The Optional First Party Breach Endorsement is highly recommended if you would like additional coverage support for any current HIPAA coverage held on an Preferra professionals liability insurance policy.

Don’t risk facing a lawsuit on your own if your client data is compromised! Get the Cyber Liability Protection you need from Preferra Insurance Company.

It’s easy to enroll. Our Preferra Plan Administrator is able to handle your application immediately.Call 888.278.0038 or start the application process online by clicking on the button below.