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  • Ethical Standards in Social Work: A Review of the NASW Code of Ethics, by Frederic G. Reamer Here is the first comprehensive, in-depth examination of the code of ethics of the social work profession. With this practical guide, which includes many case examples, you’ll have a firm foundation for making ethical decisions and minimizing malpractice and liability risk.
  • Prudent Practice: A Guide for Managing Malpractice Risk, by Mary Kay Houston-Vega and Elane M. Nuehring with Elisabeth R. Daguio
    Social workers and other human services professionals face a heightened risk of malpractice suits in today’s litigious society The NASW Press offers practitioners a complete practice guide to increasing competence and managing the risk of malpractice. Prudent Practice includes 25 forms and 5 factsheets in the book and on disk.
  • The Social Work Ethics Audit, by Frederic G. Reamer
    This book provides practitioners with a practical and easy-to-use tool that helps assess the adequacy of ethics-related policies, practices, and procedures related to clients, staff, documentation, and decision-making.
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*Highly recommended as a social worker’s primer about risk management, this work was commissioned and produced by the NASW Insurance Trust in cooperation with the NASW Press. Comes with a PC disk for windows or Macintosh containing 25 sample forms especially for direct practitioners, supervisors, and private practitioners.