Technology Basics

Welcome to Technology Basics

A series of eight videos covering the basics of technology to help you overcome the challenges of working remotely.

Why Did We Create this Series?

When COVID-19 started, and our policyholders faced technology challenges from working remotely, questions on this topic started coming our way. We wanted to cover the basics, so we worked with a professional with extensive knowledge on the subject and the valuable ability to communicate in simple language. We asked our consultant, Cliff Lavin, for his help and decided to produce a series of eight videos, “Technology Basics with Cliff Lavin.”

Our Presenter for this Series

Cliff Lavin

Cliff Lavin

Management Specialist

Cliff Lavin is a proven management specialist with a broad range of experience building companies from concepts to profitable operations.

Knowing About Cliff’s Technology Experience

Cliff Lavin has shown us that it is possible to learn about technology, even when we feel overwhelmed on this particular topic. Basic knowledge of technology terms is crucial when working remotely, and protecting the confidentiality of our clients is a top priority.

What You Need to Know When Selecting Technology Providers

In this episode, our consultant Cliff Lavin shares how to select technology providers. Learn why “Bigger is always better” and other key points when finding what is best for your practice and technology needs. Also, make sure to download our Facts Sheet summarizing Cliff’s advice.

Cliff’s Advice on Equipment

One of our policyholders asked about selecting the right equipment. As a professional, they want to offer a better teletherapy experience for their clients. This episode, Cliff gives advice and what to consider when choosing a computer and other equipment. Make sure to download the fact sheet, summarizing Cliff’s advice.

What is the Cloud?

Our consultant Cliff Lavin gets asked the question often. So, we thought this episode we would have him answer, “What is the Cloud?” and share how the evolution of technology to how “the cloud” came to be. Make sure to download our Facts Sheet summarizing the background of “the cloud” and other great takeaways from this week’s discussion.

Selecting an Electronic Storage Provider

This episode addresses a very important topic – handling and storing client records. As a behavioral and mental health professional, you need to be concerned about the confidentiality of our client’s information. Hear our technology expert, Cliff Lavin, give his recommendations on selecting a storage provider.

Encrypted Calls and Emails

Encryption and security are two crucial topics that go hand to hand. All major software providers offer encryption. However, there are some other important factors to keep in mind when communicating through email or by phone. Learn from Cliff Lavin, our technology expert, what encryption is and points for you to consider as it relates to your technology security.

Advice on Websites and Social Media

Found out from our technology expert, Cliff Lavin, some pointers and advice on using social media platforms personally and in your business. There are some key points to keep in mind. And find out his thoughts on developing a website for your business or practice.

COVID-19 Notice

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Due to COVID-19, many states have implemented or waived specific regulations; it is the individual professional's responsibility to research, implement, and monitor those regulations; and apply our risk management content as a consideration in your practice environment. Do not interpret this risk management material as any means to alter professional training, standards, nor any ethics information provided by your professional association.

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